Zašto PLATINUM suha hrana?

PLATINUM difference

Conventional complete dry food

With traditional complete dry dog food, the proteins usually come from a small proportion of meat meal and mainly from cereals and cereal by-products. When water has been added, the food pulp consisting of these components is heated to a high temperature and pressed into croquettes under high pressure. Each individual croquette is coated in a layer of starch that has to be broken down in the dog’s stomach first. The residual moisture is approx. 8 %.

PLATINUM takes a very different approach

We are the only manufacturer in the world to use over 70 % fresh meat. Ingredients that are easy to digest are added, such as Rice, maize and/or potatoe, as well as cold-pressed oils, herbs, minerals and vitamins.

And: we are the only manufacturer to cook these ingredients in their own juices, without adding water, to preserve their nutritional value. That’s how PLATINUM maintains its high quality.


Anything but dry

Since PLATINUM is cooked in its own meat juices and is dried at room temperature, it has a higher moisture content than traditional dry food.

With 18 % residual moisture, purely consisting of meat juices, PLATINUM is anything but dry. That makes an important contribution to the taste experience. Our customers even say that PLATINUM is the juicy dry food.


PLATINUM recipe – Fresh meat. A full taste

When you are buying food for yourself, you pay attention to quality and taste. Why not do the same when it comes to feeding your dog? Take a look at what people say about our dog food – and draw your own conclusions.

The PLATINUM recipe:

Only high-quality ingredients that are also appropriate for human consumption.



PLATINUM complete food is guaranteed not to contain:

  • attractants and flavorings
  • dyes and fragrances
  • flavour enhancers
  • preservatives


PLATINUM preparation – For a natural, healthy diet

It is not just the ingredients that make PLATINUM nutritionally beneficial. A special manufacturing process that protects the nutrients also plays its part. It ensures that the proteins and carbohydrates are easier to digest than with traditional dry dog food.

The unique, gentle “steamer” cooking method:

First the chopped pieces of meat and rice/maize or potato are added to the cooking pot.
These ingredients are cooked at only 95°C in their own juices, without the addition of water, and are then dried slowly and carefully.
When the drying process is complete, cold-pressed oils, herbs and vitamins are added at room temperature.
Finally, the items are shaped and immediately packed into aroma protectively pouches. Only in this way PLATINUM dry food can remain fresh, moist and most importantly, free from mites.
gentle cooking method of PLATINUM dry dog food

Smells of meat – tastes of meat.

Your dog will love it. Just give it a try.

PLATINUM benefits

Perfect for the metabolism

With traditional dry food, each individual morsel is covered in a layer of starch. It has to be broken down in the stomach before digestion can begin. Since this takes time, the food lies in the stomach for longer – the dog has a “food belly” and there is an ongoing risk of “torsio ventriculi” (twisting of the intestine).

The first time that you give your dog PLATINUM complete food, you will notice it immediately: your dog will not be bloated after eating.

PLATINUM contains high-quality, easily digestible proteins made from 70 % fresh meat which – and this is the key point – are not broken down by heat in the manufacturing process.

PLATINUM contains a balanced carbohydrate component that is easy to digest and corresponds to the composition of food in the wild.


This is the difference from conventional dry food:

  • PLATINUM does not swell in the stomach and cause bloating.
  • The food is digested quickly.
  • The nutrients are quickly absorbed by the intestine.
  • Carbohydrates and proteins are metabolised perfectly.
twisted stomach

A dog's stomach swings when it moves and can become twisted – especially if it is full.

Since PLATINUM complete food is digested optimally, less strain is put on the stomach and it empties very quickly. Your dog will probably not need to rest nearly as long after feeding.

In comparison to conventional dry foods, the amount that you give your dog can be significantly reduced because PLATINUM is so easy to digest and provides the best possible absorption of nutrients.